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Water - newly rethought.

Our goal: Put water back again under the power and disposition of the people.

  • The modules LooLoop, BlueLoop and BlueTool allow almost 100% water self-sufficiency and thus provide physically unsurpassable water savings.
  • The modules always allow complete freedom of wastewater.
  • By an ingenious method LooLoop produces a 95% pure-grade nitrogen fertilizer and more than 90% pure-grade phosphorus fertilizer.
  • From the solids of black water LooLoop produces valuable Terra Preta.
  • By retaining all drugs and pollutants the Intaqua method is a 100% zero emission concept.
  • All processes are protected by internationally granted patents. In addition, in 2015 two new patents will enter the patent phase.
  • The method additionally opens-up completely new and regionally required added value chains.
  • By decentralized water self-sufficiency, a substantially improved predictability and planning security is produced in combination with decentralized power plants.

We answer the question of who owns the water: All. We make it possible.