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Intaqua CareTech - Container-based LooLoop and Blueloop modules

There are various causes of human disasters. Whether tsunamis, earthquakes, landslides, storms or floods - in the end almost always contaminated water calls the most casualties, including above all minors.

So here, the supply of survivors with safe drinking water is the order of the first hour. Together with our partners we have invented and developed a "water washing machine" for this area, which can produce 160 liters of drinking water per hour from any water.

As for natural disasters in general, the entire infrastructure is destroyed, the water washing machines must operate autonomously. As the only energy source, that is available usually anywhere after natural disasters, the sun comes into question.
Therefore, the water washing machine also works solar driven and can be supplied with small photovoltaic modules.

Is the state of emergency in a disaster area of ​​longer duration, container-based systems are used, similar to camps. These comprise Intaqua sanitary containers with toilets and Loo-loop modules as to prevent fecal contamination of natural water resources as quickly as possible.

This here first mentioned water washing machine is also the prototype for our further development. Intaqua wants to miniaturize the LooLoop and BlueLoop technology so far, that it fits tailored to single-family homes and can be mass-produced.