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LooLoop - many pressing problems solved in one surprise coup

As a LooLoop plant separates solids (faeces, toilet paper and trash) from water and processes these into products, no more solids arrive in the sewers. Thus, the water consumption of the people is no longer determined by the sewer (minimum amount, to drain-off the solids in the sewers, so that clogging of the sewers is prevented), but the people finally determine again, how much water flows down the sewer.

The more diluted a contamination is, the more complex is its removal from the water. As a LooLoop plant always uses the same water for flushing, the nutrients from human waste are not at all diluted (such as dry toilets) - and the water consumption of toilets is profitably saved at the same time.

Lakes are over-fertilized causing eutrophication and aquatic hypoxia - everyone knows the malodorous waters, “bloomed” by algae. That is often caused by plant nutrients from human excreta that cannot be completely destroyed in wastewater treatment plants. As a LooLoop plant produces no waste water, no more nutrients flow into the environment - and instead of pure destruction of fertilizer salts, nutrients are produced simultaneously, which can be sold at a profit – and with a good funding potential.

Micro-pollutants - a term that is in recent years increasingly known and discussed by the general public. These are bio-active (endocrine active) substances and from human waste, such as pharmaceuticals, hormones, etc., which increasingly pollute our natural water bodies. These substances are not degradable in waste water treatment plants, flow un-hindered into our waters (where sometimes entire fish populations "feminize"), and flow via the river bank filtrate ultimately into our drinking water. The diluted pharmacy from our taps is a major problem - and a LooLoop plant is a barrier, that not only retains the micro-pollutants, but completely destroys them within the process of fertilizer production - a second very good funding potential.

LooLoop - a blessing for people, health, water and the environment.