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CruiseTech - with Intaqua "Green Cruise" is ringing in purse

Cruise ships often need to store an entire week's black water supply, which is then disposed as a waste load at the next port. This applies mainly to the toilet waste. Therefore, vacuum toilet systems are used - with water savings, but some significant disadvantages: loud toilets, expensive vacuum equipment, mineral pipe blockages and susceptibility. The transport volume is approximately 7 - 10 l per tourist per day.
The Intaqua CruiseTech is thus a clear alternative with the following advantages:

  • Reduction of transport volume to 1 - 3 l per tourist and day
  • Lower capital and operating costs
  • No disposal costs (flushing water)
  • Drinking water production with less than 1 kWh per m³ drinking water

Note, however, that additional flushing water supply pipes are needed as well as a higher investment volume is required.

However, this is offset by other advantages, such as higher occupancy rates rates and "zero emissions".