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HomeTech – Don’t bother about water and wastewater. Enjoy your life!

For settlements generally applies: the more compacted the building, the more profitable are our water systems. In condensed building areas pipeline costs are significantly reduced. In settlements with individual houses sewers and their maintenance make up the majority of the costs.

In regions with high water costs (transport, sea water desalination) or high sewer connection fees, the Intaqua profits are particularly obvious.

Further profitable ​​synergies to mention result from decentralized CHP plants for energy supply. The Intaqua technology can utilize their often unused excess heat well, so that CHP can be operated more profitably.

Exemplary calculations (dynamic cost comparison methods) prove, that in settlements from 1,000 inhabitants and more public German water and wastewater prices are higher than Intaqua. Quite more dramatic is the situation in dry and arid regions: New real estate development projects and entire cities can be built with our loop technologies in deserts, even if the lack of water generally feasibly excludes such projects.

In the long term water availability of the soil is increased and their fertility is improved also in such projects. Also here the environmental objectives and benefits attainable by our technologies ("zero emission") cause lower energy consumption, higher CO2 savings, higher total value of the estate, higher certification classes and lower operating costs.