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INTAQUA AG - Going new ways, generating new value added chains

Developing new methods


Since 2002, renowned scientists of the TUHH, Institute of Wastewater Management and Water Protection, research in cooperation with the staff from INTAQUA AG on water recycling processes.

Hereby, 2 partial streams are drained separately:

  •      Black water (toilets & urinals)
  •      Grey water (bathroom, kitchen, washing)

The core technology is a method by which the black water from toilets and urinals (30 - 50 l / PE * d) can be reused again and again and a self-contained toilet flushing water loop is generated. We call this procedure LooLoop.

We prepare grey water (from 60 to 1000 l/PE*d) in a way, that as a starting quality for the production of drinking water, deionized water is produced. By means of adding mineral salts, drinking water in any desired quality comes from the tap. This process is called BlueLoop.

Creating new from the extant - that is our real strength