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Existing buildings versus new construction

Building stock


In existing buildings two water lines are always installed:

  • Drinking water supply line
  • Wastewater drainage line

A separate discharge of gray water and black water is therefore not possible, and retrofitting these buildings on separation systems is economically usually not feasible, only when an already planned structural restoration is coming up. For this “stock-market”, Intaqua AG offers two plant types with only one module each:

  • PureLoop domestic waste water to drinking water
  • Pure Tool domestic waste water for irrigation or sale

New buildings


In new or ground-up renovated buildings always two additional water pipes can be easily installed:

  • Toilet flushing supply pipe
  • Grey water drainage

The normally planned wastewater pipe is now used for black water drainage, and the drinking water supply line for the intended purpose - but the cisterns of the toilets are no longer connected to that line. For this market, the AG Intaqua offers two plant types with two modules each:

  • LooLoop & BlueLoop: Water self-sufficient and wastewater-free objects
  • LooLoop & Blue Tool: Wastewater-free objects with excess water in any desired quality from grey water for any external use

In the product naming system of Intaqua AG "Loop" and "Tool" always stand for two different water concepts:
names all our methods for direct water recycling process, as water usage -> water treatment -> water re-use for the same purpose.
names all our method for a cascading water reuse, so for example reuse for irrigation, groundwater recharge, sale as process water, etc.
Both have always in common, that the fresh water remains in the region, and will not ultimately wasted via rivers into the oceans.
Where can our systems be used?

Market classification


Our market classification for our plants can be divided into the following fields:

  • HomeTech for settlements
  • TourTech for hotels
  • SanTech for Hospitals
  • CruiseTech for cruise ships
  • AgroTech for fattening piggeries
  • UrbanTech city concepts
  • CampTech for refugee and military camps, disaster areas, mine labor camps, etc.